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Primary School - IS of Montpellier - International School of Montpellier - Ninos’cool

In the continuity of Nursery School, our project remains to make school a place to learn and thrive for children.
Starting First Year (GS), learning English is fully integrated, promoting bilingualism through exchanges between children of different nationalities, in small classes of 15 students.
The awakening to sounds and the acquisition of vocabulary of the earlier classes becomes a genuine structured learning.

As an international school, the week is shared between the two languages: two days in French and two days in English with full days of immersion. Teachers pair up and work to implement the program and ensure continuity in learning – a native French teacher and a native English teacher.

Our teachers all share a passion for teaching, and recognize that the early years are the essential foundation for academic success. Our environment is one that encourages children to try, experiment, learn from their mistakes and not to think of them as failures, but also to become curious students who ask questions, explore, analyze and communicate with others.

Program in French:

The program in French corresponds to the French academic program. It is reinforced because we set our expectations high.

The program addresses the following concepts throughout the First Year (GS) to Sixth Year (CM2) curriculum:
– Reading Comprehension and techniques (Phonics and syllables)
– Writing
– Grammar
– Conjugation
– Vocabulary
– Written Expression
– Poetry
– French Literature.

Program in English:

The program in English follows the curriculum offered by English schools and uses the same teaching material:
– Reading Comprehension and techniques (Phonics)
– Writing
– Grammar
– Spelling
– Speaking
– Written Expression
– English Lierature
– Civic Education / personal Development

ISM – Ninos’cool is affiliated with IBS of Provence School, which is a Cambridge Exam.
Consequently, we prepare children for the following Certifications: Starters – Movers – Flyers

Proficiency in Mathematics:

– Reasoning
– Numeracy
– Methods of Operation
– Geometry

LMethods of operation are taught mainly in French, applications and manipulations are made in English.

Other notions of the program:

The other notions of the program will be addressed either in English or in French:
– Humanist Culture
– Discovery of the world
– History
– Sciences
– Geography
– IT and Communication Skills
– Computer Certificate

Field and Class Trips:

From First Year and up, a field trip will be offered each period.
In order to reduce transportation costs, parent participation is always welcome.

Each end of the year, a few days trip will also be offered.

Students’ Evaluation:

Before each holiday period, a summary of the concepts will be given to you and you can check your child’s notebooks anytime you like.
At the end of each period, you will also receive a report of your child’s progress.