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Upper School


Upper School - IS of Montpellier - International School of Montpellier - Ninos’cool

In the continuity of Primary education, bilingual teaching is consolidated.

The number of weekly hours and the National Education program are respected but we emphasize the bilingual teaching.

Some subjects are taught exclusively in English, others in French, but for each subject the vocabulary to be learned is given in both languages.

We expect a lot from our students because their success is our main goal. We aim to make them reach their maximum academic potential by meeting their individual needs, rigorously monitoring their progress and guiding them day after day.

With the Middle School section, our goal is to offer a similar structure to that of our sister school, IBS of Provence, with the following objectives:

– Offer students a rich and stimulating cultural and educational environment that allows them to acquire a strong critical spirit. That is how they will be able to face the challenges of an international context as responsible “citizens of the world”.

– Bring students from diverse backgrounds to get to know each other better and to assimilate the values of tolerance of and respect for each other’s cultures and beliefs.

– Enable students to evolve in a multilingual and multicultural environment that promotes linguistic exchanges, which is a crucial condition for their own development.

– Engage students to become involved in extracurricular activities such as sports and arts to enhance their vitality and sharpen their critical sense.

– Develop a sense of leadership and responsibility among students by promoting respect, honesty, self-control and charisma.