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School Philosophy

 School Philosophy - IS of Montpellier - International School of Montpellier - Ninos’cool

In a warm atmosphere of dialogue and respect for others, and trust, each child thrives both academically and socially.

We prepare them to become citizens of the world of tomorrow, to live proactively in society, and to act by providing them with the fundamental tools.

We would like our school to become a genuine place to learn where each child can thrive.

NURSERY SCHOOL: Discover the English language, enrich vocabulary, become acquainted with new sounds through the Spanish language.

FIRST YEAR (GS) and up: 50% English – 50 % French – Cross-curricular bilingual teaching following both British and French national programs.
Active differentiated that respects the child and value its autonomy.
Physical education or motor activitites: swimming, fencing, sports, circus arts…
Artistic activities: Theatre, musical comedy, plastic arts, choir…
– Field trips to develop group cohesion

The core of our pedagogy is based on the following two principles:

Teach children how to do things, to develop their autonomy and self-confidence

We encourage them to think, to make choices and to undertake, so that they can:
– research in an intelligent and creative way.
– Think by themselves.
– Take initiatives.
– Communicate in more than one language and respect other students’ values and culture.

Develop the following skills and qualities:

– Tolerance

– Cooperation

– Respect for oneself and others

– Honesty

– Autonomy

– Self-confidence

– Enthusiasm

– Responsability

– Curiosity